Sandra Lox

Sandra is a college girl from Texas who came to LA recently to model for magazines. She knew of the site and she told me she wanted to give it a try. She said she usually squirted when she masturbated, so that made it unique since I don't think we have had a squirter on the site. One of the reasons actually I started this site was because I noticed some other places had girls squirt(water they put inside them) and pretend they had orgasms, giving the impression that it is how women actuall came, which was to me ludricous since that is not how women work. I would say maybe 1 out of 50 girls actually squirt, if that.

So Sandra is the real thing and here she is showing us.. too bad I couldn't do a close up on her pussy. Eventually I guess I could use a remote to do that in the future.

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